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Toddler Program 

(18 months-29 months) 

Full Day 8:00-4:00 

18 months-29 months 

5 days a week  $1,600

4 days a week  $1,515

Preschool Program

Full Day 8:00-4:00

5 Days a week

2yr+     $1,485

3yr+     $1,310

4 days a week

2yr+     $1,400

3yr+     $1,225

Extended Care Option for all schedule options- Full day 7:30AM-6:00PM additional $85 a month 

Drop in Day (8-4): $100 a day 

Drop in Day (7:30-6): $125 a day

* At 30 months, space permitting, there may be the option to transition to the preschool program, the appropriate preschool program tuition option will apply. It shall be permissible for a child whose developmental needs require continuation in the toddler program to remain in that program up to a maximum age of three years. Toddler program tuition would apply.

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